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Banking Links


The busy banking professional has to access many sites relating directly or indirectly to UK banking, here is a collection of links likely to be of use on a daily basis.

For statistics specific links refer to the statistics page.


UK Banking Competitors - The competitors links collections has been gathered with the banking professional in mind that very often needs to access the investor relations site or some other site relating to the group. Note that in some cases the links are deployed in a very dynamic manner and therefore is liable to change on a frequent basis which may result in broken links. In addition, in the wake of the financial turmoil that the UK banking sector has gone trough in the last couple of years the names and composition of the various banking groups seems to be changing on nearly a daily basis so apologies for when we do not manage to keep these links up to date.

International Banking Competitors - A (slightly random) selection of international competitors that have varying degrees of presence in the UK.

Regulatory bodies - There are several regulatory bodies that are relevant to retail banking world, and not just the triumverate, be careful...

Trade associations or industry entities - Raising the standard for retail banking

Other Resources - Other flotsom and jetsom that is likely to be useful


UK Banking Competitors (up)

Santander (Abbey) - About Santander UK: financial results site | Santander Group Site | Abbey for Intermediaries | Santander Investor Relations | Santander Annual Reports

Alliance & Leicester - Group site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports | Presentations | Debt Investor Relations

American Express - Group site | Investor Relations

Barclays - Group Site | Investor Relations | Debt Investors | Results Announcements | Presentations | Annual Reports | UK Personal Banking | Barclaycard | The Woolwich | First Plus Mortgages

Britannia Building Society - Members Site | Annual Results

Bradford & Bingley - Group site | Investor Relations | Results and Publications | Debt Investor Relations | Mortgage Express

Bristol & West - Group Site | Bank of Ireland Group Site | Bank of Ireland Investor Relations

Capital One - Corporate Information | Investor Relations | Annual Reports | Presentations

Citygroup - Group Site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports | Egg | Citibank UK

GE Money - Worldwide site | GE Group Investor Relations | GE Group Financial Reporting | GE Group Events & Presentations | GE Money UK


HSBC - Group Site | Group Investor Relations | Group Financial Results | Group Presentations | HSBC Bank | HSBC Bank Financial Reports | HFC Bank | First Direct | Marbles | M&S Money

Lehman Brothers - Group Site | Southern Pacific Mortgages | Preferred Mortgages | London Mortgage Company

Lloyds Banking Group (inc HBOS subsidiaries) - Lloyds TSB | Investor Relations | Financial Performance | Presentations and Webcasts | Black Horse | Cheltenham & Gloucester | Halifax | Halifax for Intermediaries | Bank of Scotland | Intelligent Finance | BM Solutions | Birmingham Midhsires | The Mortgage Business | Sainsbury's Bank | St. James's Place

MBNA - BoA Group Site | BoA Investor Relations | BoA Financial Results | MBNA UK

Morgan Stanley - Shareholder Site | Goldfish | Morgan Stanley UK Credit Cards

National Australia Bank - Group Site | Investor Relations | Clydesdale Bank | Yorkshire Bank

Nationwide Building Society - About Us | Annual Reports

Northern Rock - Group Site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports & Presentations | Treasury

Northern Rock (Asset Management) - Company Info | Investor Relations | Annual Reports & Presentations | Treasury

Paragon - Group Site | Investor Relations & Reporting | Debt Investors

Royal Bank of Scotland - Group Site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports | Presentations | NatWest | Tesco PFS | First Active | Direct Line | Coutts | Mint

Skipton Building Society - Group Site

Standard Life - Group Site | Investor Relations


International Banking Competitors (up)


ANZ Group Site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group Site | Investor Relations | Annual Reports


Regulatory Bodies (up)


Competition Commission

Bank of England

European Central Bank

Federal Reserve

Financial Services Authority

HM Treasury

London Stock Exchange

Office of Fair Trading

Securities and Exchange Commission


Trade Associations (up)




British Bankers Association

Building Societies Association

Council of Mortgage Lenders

European Mortgage Federation

Safe Home Income Plans (SHIP)


Other (up)











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