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A collection of links directly into key statistical resources relating to UK retail banking, some resources require purchase and/or login details


UK Payments Administration - Key facts & figures | Publications (formerly APACS)

Bank for International Settlements - Statistics page

Bank of England - Main statistics page | Interactive Statistical Database | Publications | Bankstats

British Bankers Association - Statistics page | Purchase form for Annual Abstract

Building Societies Association - Statistics Page

Council of Mortgage Lenders - Statistics page (requires login details for full dataset)

European Mortgage Federation - Statistics page

OECD - Statistics page

Office of National Statistics - Finstats and other releases


Links to BoE searches

Monthly and quarterly mortgage new fixed and variable business interest rates and blend of variable and floating new morgage business from Jan 2014

Monthly average interest rates from Jan 2008 (SONIA, selected LIBOR rates, BoE Base rate and 3M EURIBOR)

Monthly Average exchange rates to Sterling from Jan 2008 (AUD, CAD, DKK, EEK, EUR, SEK, CHF, USD)

Divisia Money - Household Deposits from Jan 2008

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